Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro

A User's Review One of my first HDR images using Aurora HDR The Young HDR Upstart Gives the Seasoned Pro Competition In the High Dynamic Range (HDR) world of photography, Photomatix Pro and Aurora HDR are opposites in [...]

An Intro to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography – for the Inquisitive & Curious Photographer

Everything You Need to Know to Start HDR Photography Maybe you heard about High Dynamic Range (HDR) while reading about photography but had no idea what it is. Maybe you’ve seen some HDR photos and wondered how they got those [...]

New Paths for Frugal Guidance 2

Getting Back to the Blogging Saddle Again, with a New Focus After five years or so of blogging, almost every blogger comes to an existential crisis about their blog. In particular, questions of: “What does it all mean?” or “Is [...]

Alternatives and Additions to Bullet Journaling (Part the Third)

When BuJo isn’t enough (or too much) The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 7c Calendar-based Organization Systems Paper Systems There are two types of organization notebooks. Those that start with a blank notebook and you build yourself, and those that are [...]

Alternatives and Additions to Bullet Journaling (Part the Second)

When BuJo isn’t enough (or too much) The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 7b In our previous post of alternatives to the Bullet Journal, we introduced several organization techniques, ranging from decluttering, task management, email management, all the way to the [...]

More website problems fixed

I just did some more fixes to Frugal Guidance 2's database and links (Sept. 22, 2017 AM). All the internal links (from one article to another) and external links should be working now. However, the structure of the URLs, which [...]

Alternatives and Additions to the Bullet Journal (Part the First)

When BuJo Isn’t Enough (or too Much) The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 7a If you slogged through the previous post with my 17 Basics of Personal Productivity list, you now have some way to explain your own needs and evaluate [...]

Frugal Guidance 2 is Up Again.

My apologies to those who may have tried to read the blog for the past 36 hours or so. There was a problem with the site and it took a couple of calls and emails with customer support to track [...]

Brandt’s 17 Productivity Basics

Or Why it’s Impossible to Find the Perfect Productivity System The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 6 Plans go awry. I originally planned this post to list alternatives to Bullet Journaling for managing your life. However, as I looked at different [...]

Bullet Journal: From Paper to Digital

Should the Messy Paper Bullet Journal Go Digital? Part 5 of The Messy Bullet Journal Series Can the Bullet Journal be taken to Digital? Yes and No. Some people like to do everything digitally. But remember, the Bullet Journal is [...]

Your Bullet Journal, Your Way, Your Style

Individualizing Your Bullet Journal The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 4 There are advantages to using a blank notebook as an organizer, as in the Bullet Journal system. The beauty of the Bullet Journal is that you can personalize your notebook [...]

Yes, Our President IS a Racist

In an impromptu press conference yesterday, Donald Trump made a number of amazing statements about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. Most amazing was his statement that there were “good people on both sides.” I disagree. No, there is [...]