I never expected to ever listen to Korean Rap but, just in case you haven’t heard, the most viewed video on YouTube today is a South Korean, rap video by Korean performer, Psy, entitled “Gangnam Style.” Psy and his fellow performers’ visual humor and irony translate well. That others agree is demonstrated by the 330 million views the video has received so far.

Gangnam, according to Wikipedia, is the richest district in the South Korean capital, Seoul and the wealthiest area of Korea. Some compare Gangnam to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, but others say that’s underestimating Gangnam. In any case, the place has its unique sense of style.

If you haven’t yet seen the video you can follow the link, here. ¬†There have also been many entertaining mock videos including one with the Oregon Duck mascot ¬†and another takeoff by the entire Ohio State Marching Band.

Here are some of the job hunting tips I gathered from the video:

  1. Dress well. Of course at the interview, but wherever there might be a networking opportunity, too. (Pink tux jacket is optional.)
  2. Look confident, even in the winds of adversity, or in the pool.
  3. Have goals.
  4. Know your territory, whether it’s Gangnam or the Manhattan business district or downtown Shreveport.
  5. Keep networking. Coffee helps.
  6. Some fresh dance (or career) moves are bound to impress.
  7. Sing a good tune. No tune is sweeter to a hiring manager that you explaining how you can ease his/her pain points.
  8. Repeat that message so you are sure you get the point across.
  9. Be open to new contacts.
  10. Share the limelight with others.
    And finally,
  11. Avoid getting stuck in elevators with jerks.