Part 3, Learning How to Get Organized

Book and Clock

In Part 1 of this series, we explored free and cheap downloadable paper resources. In Part 2, we looked at some of the software available.

No matter how organized we are, there is always more we can learn. Here are a few resources.


Getting Things Done  by David AllenDavid Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of StressFree Productivity is the classic book on productivity and has a cult following among business people who often abbreviate it as “GTD.” It’s a good place to start your search for a more productive, less stressful work-style. Also look at the David Allen Company website and the GTD Times website. GTD is a proactive system, meaning that there is work to implement and keep the system going. Once you get in the habit, though, it can work wonders, hence the cult-like following. But you can also use elements of the system if it feels to complicated. (This book can also use more than one read.)

OrganizingIOIf David Allen is the King of GTD, USA Today calls Julie Morgenstern the “queen of putting people’s lives in order.” Her books, Time Management from the Inside Out and Organizing from the Inside Out are classics. Go to her website for more about her books and services and sign up for her mailing list.

Other Links:

Two articles by Celestine Chua, owner of The Personal Excellence Blog: 13 Strategies To Jumpstart Your Productivity and The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People are both terrific overviews to getting organized!

The 3-6-9 Time Management Strategy, from the Nerd Business blog shows how to just schedule time blocks for projects without all the GTD mumbo-jumbo.

Twenty Ways to Stay Productive When Working at Home by Scott H. Young, discusses being productive and organized at your home office.

If you need personal or group training, or want to advance even further than GTD, or want corporate training, Priacta offers coaching in TRO or Total, Relaxed Organization. This is not a free service, though. Training starts at $79 for individuals. It also includes implementing their system with many of the software tools mentioned in Part 2.

So, do you want to really get organized? Are you sure? Then work your way backwards, or forwards, or inside-out, but read the articles or books or take online courses. The problem is not time, but focus. Focus on getting organized and the time will come. First things first.

What are your favorite books, articles, tools and ideas on getting organized?