FG2 Celebration - Brandt collage

We’re Back, Better than Ever

It took about a month longer than expected, what with installing three test themes, spending many hours on tutorials, and surviving a dying hard drive, but Frugal Guidance 2 is up and running with a new theme (named Avada, by Theme Fusion, if you follow those types of things). The challenge wasn’t so much installing the software but in relearning everything I thought I knew about blogging. But we’re back with so many changes that I seriously considered renaming the site “Frugal Guidance 3.”

Here are some of the improvements:

Frugal Guidance 2 now has a responsive theme. That means that it is easier to read on phones and tablets with improved text and graphics. If you are reading this on a desktop or laptop computer, you can see the blog resizing itself just by changing the size of your browser window. Give it a try. It’s fun.

Improved typography should also make the blog easier to read, with the use of Google fonts, icons, and other ways to improve text (such as drop caps).

  Improved graphics. I’m learning that responsive design turns everything I knew about web design, photography and graphics onto its head. I might write a few blog posts about that in the near future.

  We also now have the possibility of adding lots of digital doodads and fun graphic sliders. You can see new revisions of our old Busy Bee photo on our new landing page and our blog index. They might seem a tad ostentatious for a blog called Frugal Guidance, but they are fun.

  The blog section also makes it easier to preview and find current posts, and there are more search tools to find historical posts on specific topics, too. Also check out the “footer tools” on the bottom of the page.

  You can leave a personal message by going to the Contact Us menu and filling out the form.

  You can subscribe to our nascent newsletter using the Frugal News menu.

  Last, but not least, we have a new logo! (Did you see it up top?)



Warning: Resizing for the screen and other features on this blog might not work on some older browsers. If they don’t, you might consider upgrading or changing browsers. (I recommend Firefox or Chrome.)


Thanks for your patience during this transition. Please share the word about the “new” blog and let me know what you’d like to see on the site in the future. (You can do so with our new Contact page!) You can also sign up for our newsletter, which has also been neglected during this period. (Lots to do! Lots to do.)

Confetti by Vuono - on Frugal Guidance 2Credits:

Celebration Collage from Mardi Gras photos by Andrew Brandt, taken at various 2002
Mardi Gras parades in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Confetti artwork courtesy of Salvatore Vuono and FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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