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LinkedIn Previews New Tools for Hiring in 2016

In the past few months, Frugal Guidance 2 has published several articles on using LinkedIn, most recently The Job Hunter’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn for the Holidays, Have Yourself a Merry Little LinkedIn. These articles show things you can do right now to help your networking and job search on LinkedIn.

Recently, LinkedIn quietly released a number of videos of talks by LinkedIn employees at their annual LinkedIn Recruiter Anaheim get-together. These videos were not describing the current state of LinkedIn Recruiting but previewing coming products and features. These include a LinkedIn Referrals app, changes to the next version of LinkedIn Recruiter, and a new interface and tools for LinkedIn Jobs, all of which will have a direct impact on the lives of job hunters in the coming year.

Here’s how.

LinkedIn Recruiter’s New Tools

Eduardo Vivas

Eddie Vivas

Eddie Vivas, the Head of Product, Talent Solutions for LinkedIn, introduced the new referral app for company employees to make and track referrals, and also announced some of the new features coming to LinkedIn Recruiter. (Video links below.)

One of the featured changes to LinkedIn Recruiter is the addition of new search tools for recruiters called Spotlights, which are one-click tools for refining searches for potential employees.

These spotlights can be used after a LinkedIn Recruiter user does a preliminary search for candidates. As demonstrated on the video, this can still leave hundreds or thousands of potential employees in the search queue. Spotlights are intended to help the Recruiter narrow the search further.

One of the spotlights featured was the ability to do a one-click search of qualified people who are already engaged with the company on LinkedIn. These are people who have commented, shared or liked announcements, articles and videos about their company on LinkedIn and interacted with their employees.

This shows the potential employer which LinkedIn members are already engaging with their company on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn’s own data.

For the job seeker, this means that you can possibly improve your chances of showing on a Recruiter search by targeting specific companies on LinkedIn and engaging with them. In the future, it may not only be your qualifications that will determine your search position, but your LinkedIn activity directed specifically at that company.

This is just one of seven spotlights that will be included in the next version of LinkedIn Recruiter. Not all of them were discussed, but the demo (and the screen shots) also showed spotlights for:

  • LinkedIn members who are already connected with the company’s employees.
  • People who have already applied to the company.
  • People your competitors have targeted on LinkedIn.
  • Who is potentially ready for a move.
  • Who has told LinkedIn, privately, they are ready for a new job. (See below.)


Why the spotlights? Because when companies reach out to potential employees, on or off of LinkedIn, they get a higher response rate from people who are already following them and interacting on the site. That speeds up the hiring funnel and can lead to a quicker interview and potential job offer.

Another New Recruiter Tool

Instead of just doing searches of a list of keywords, skills, and locations, LinkedIn will add the ability for recruiters to enter the names of their ideal candidates for a position, and let LinkedIn find more like them.

To do this, the recruiter will select two or more people who they think would be perfect for a job (this may include current employees), and then use LinkedIn search to find people who are very much like them. LinkedIn will compare job skills (you know, those things attached to your Endorsements), schools attended, job titles, and history, and then come up with a list of similar candidates.

This tool will help recruiters who may not know all the skills required to do the job, but know people who already do the job well.

How Can I, the Job Hunter, Use This Info?

The key is engagement. LinkedIn tracks every click, every search, every Like, and every comment, endorsement, recommendation and post you make on their site. (Yeah, it’s a bit creepy, but who isn’t doing that these days?) So, make those clicks count towards your favorite prospective employer. Research, Read and React to show your interest.

To make this easier:

  • Research and target which companies you’d like to work for.
  • Find them on LinkedIn and Follow them.
  • Go to their Company page to find relevant info and respond and comment on postings.
  • See if there are relevant articles being published about the company on LinkedIn. If appropriate, engage and comment.
  • Find employees of that company to follow, connect with and engage, using search, alumni, posts, and groups. (Use your “soft skills.”)


LinkedIn is also releasing a Referrals app, which lets employees of a company refer other LinkedIn members for jobs at their company. It will also monitor whether or not their referral follows up, applies, interviews or is hired (possibly getting the referrer a bonus, too).

The new Recruiter is scheduled for release in early 2016. But now is a good time for a job hunter to become more active on LinkedIn and engage with others.

And when a recruiter on LinkedIn reaches out to you, respond immediately.

What About Updating Job Seeker Tools?


Job hunters don’t have to feel left out. Dan Shapiro is Careers Product Lead at LinkedIn. At the same conference, he talked about connecting job hunters with jobs with LinkedIn’s new, redesigned Jobs tools, coming next year..

In the near future, when a job hunter (the video uses “Stacy”) looks for a job at a company, LinkedIn will be able to help by:

  • Showing her who she’s already connected with at the company.
  • Listing who the company has already hired from her current company.
  • Showing her who the company has already hired from her alma mater, and
  • Preview who Stacy might work with if she got the job (searched by title, location and employer).


The new Jobs area in LinkedIn will be redesigned. If Stacy looks at a job opening, LinkedIn will immediately show her whether she has connections at the company.


Further down, she can see if the company has previously hired people from her alma mater and from her current company. LinkedIn will also show Stacy the names and profiles of people who already have that job title at the new company.


Going further, LinkedIn will show Stacy the names of other companies hiring people from her current company PLUS who she’s already connected to in those companies.


LinkedIn will make it easier to see which companies are hiring people from your company and whether they have jobs available.

LinkedIn will also show companies with a history of hiring from her school, or companies where she already has a connection.


LinkedIn is also proposing an I’m ready for something new option, a one-click “Something New”button which any LinkedIn user can press when they are ready to put themselves on the market. (Don’t worry, the button won’t show up on your profile.)

When you press the button, LinkedIn will ask:

  • What type of job are you interested in?
  • Are you ready to relocate?
  • Would you consider a new industry?
  • Would you consider temp work?


According to Shapiro, the tool will not notify your current employer that you are looking for work, but will let your profile show up in a recruiter’s LinkedIn search if your skills match their needs.

But, before you assume your employer can’t see your secret job search, see our earlier Frugal Guidance 2 article, Big Data is Wrecking Your Silent Job Search.

Note that these presentations were made months before the products were due to be released, so features and the look and feel may be substantially different next year.

Clearly, the people at LinkedIn have interesting ideas about bringing employers and potential employees together in the new year.


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