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Welcome to the new and improved FG2.

Dear Frugal Guidance 2 Reader,

I’ve been working on other projects lately (more later). I’ve neglected you, but I’m back and I’ve made some significant changes in this blog.

A major software upgrade to Frugal Guidance 2 made it possible to restore a broken blog index. While I was at it, I streamlined the look a bit, and make it easier to find things.

I’ve also added two new menu items to show all the archived postings about LinkedIn and Job Hunting, two of the big themes of this blog. The goal is to make it easier to browse through the many ideas and posts about these topics created over the past three and a half years. A sidebar in the blog area also makes it easier to search popular articles, and you can still use the search tool on the top of the page.

In the past few months, I’ve been preoccupied on starting up a music research website about woodwind quintets – a very different (and much larger) site than this. Thus, I haven’t spent nearly the time I’ve wanted to be spending researching and writing for this blog. That will change now.

What hasn’t changed is our decision to emphasize good typography and readability, clear writing, clean and creative design, photography, and in-depth articles about a wide variety of topics for frugal readers. A responsive theme makes this blog easy to read on all devices. Also, as I learn more about HTML and CSS, I’m able to add various design elements that were not possible in the past.

We still write about job hunting, using social media (with an emphasis on LinkedIn for job hunters and career managers), writer’s tools, blogging, frugal software (including LibreOffice) and other topics, too.

If you have other ideas on how to make this blog easier to use for you, please share them in the comments, below.

And, please, feel free to suggest topics or questions about the current topics.

Thank you for reading Frugal Guidance 2.



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