Celebrate February

Our monthly holiday list is a new feature on Frugal Guidance 2. It can be used for:

  • Writing prompts for writers and bloggers,
  • Travellers,
  • Meeting planners,
  • Businesspeople,
  • Partiers (who want an excuse for a party), and
  • People who create new celebrations for their cause.

Our calendars this month:

February, 2016, U.S. and International Calendar

February Food Holidays

February Composer Birthdays


February this year (2016) includes Leap Year Day, so it has 29 days. Because it is a leap year, February will both begin and end on a Monday (no other month ever starts and ends on the same day of the week).

The name February comes from the Latin Februarius, based on the Latin februum which meant purification. In ancient Rome, February was the last month of the calendar year until about 450 BC, when it became the second month.

Other names for February include the Old English Solmonath or “mud month,” and Kale-monath or ”cabbage month.” In Finnish, it was the “month of the pearl,” reportedly from the pearls of ice from thawing and refreezing snow on the tree branches. In several other old European calendars it was called some variation of “wood month”, probably because there was little else for agricultural workers to do during the month besides try to stay warm by cutting fuel.

In the old, popular U.S. syndicated cartoon, ”Li‘l Abner”, Al Capp, the author, created “Sadie Hawkins Day.” In the cartoon, spinsters had an opportunity to chase after all the town’s eligible bachelors and, if they were able to catch and drag one past the finish line, he had to marry her. This led to the practice of real-world Sadie Hawkins Dances, where girls were expected to ask a boy to the dance instead of the other way around. This pseudo-holiday was later connected to February 29th and, supposedly, is still a day a woman could propose to a man.

In the Christian calendar, February 10th is Ash Wednesday, beginning the penitential season before Easter, rather earlier than in many other years. The day before Ash Wednesday is widely known as Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”), from the early practice of eating all the fats (meat, eggs and fatty shortening) in the house before Lent, when they were forbidden to be eaten (except, perhaps, on Sundays). Thus this day is also widely known as Pancake Tuesday (an efficient way to get rid of eggs and fats) or Shrove Tuesday (the day to shrive – or get rid of – your sins through confession). In Italy and other Christian European countries, plays, operas, ballets and other public performances were forbidden during Lent for many years. This led to the creation of the Carnival season which ended, often with large celebrations, on Mardi Gras.

A person born on February 29th may celebrate their non-leap-year birthdays on February 28th or March 1st, the choice sometimes controlled by national laws. Or they might count their actual birthdays, only adding to their age once every 4 years. This was used as a plot device in the comic opera, The Pirates of Penzance (by Gilbert & Sullivan), where a pirate apprentice discovers that, being born on Leap Year Day, he is bound to his apprenticeship until his 21st birthday (his 84th year).

Adding to the weird celebrations in February is Ground Hog Day (Canadian French, Jour de Marmotte,, Pennsylvania German Grundsaudaag or Murmeltiertag) on February 2nd. If a groundhog comes out of its burrow on this day and cannot see his shadow (meaning, it’s cloudy), spring will come early. If he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. The true arbiter of groundhog shadowiness is Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where there is a celebration for the event. (See the movie Groundhog Day for one take on the celebration, where the main character is forced to relive Groundhog day for, apparently, eternity.) I’ve not been able to determine any Southern Hemisphere equivalents to any of these silly winter holidays.

Other February highlights include the celebration of Black History Month in the U.S., pro football’s 50th Superbowl on February 7th, the Chinese New Year (celebrated on various dates in different countries), Valentine’s Day on the 14th, and Presidents’ Day on the 15th (a combined celebration of Washington’s & Lincoln’s Birthdays in the U.S.).

February, 2016 International and United States Holidays

February, 2016, Holidays – International Calendar
February, all month Black / African-American History Month (U.S.)
February, all month American Heart Month
February, all month National Children’s Dental Health Month (American Dental Assoc.)
February, all month Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
February, all month National Bird Feeding Month (U.S.)
February, all month National Weddings Month
February, all month AMD / Low Vision Awareness Month
February, all month National Cat Health Month
February, all month National Embroidery Month
February, all month National Pet Oral Health Care Month
February, all month Responsible Pet Owner Month
February, all month Prevent a Litter Month
February, all month National Wild Bird Feeding Month
February, all month International Correspondence Writing Month
February, all month International Boost Self-Esteem Month
February, all month International Expect Success Month
February, all month Library Lovers’ Month
February, all month Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
February, all month National Mend a Broken Heart Month
February, all month National Parent Leadership Month
February, all month Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
February, all month Spunky Old Broads Month
February, all month Youth Leadership Month & National Parent Leadership Month
February, all month National Time Management Month
February, 1st week National Patient Recognition Month
February, 1st full week Pride in Food Services Week
February, 1st full week National Consumer Protection Weeki
February, 2nd week National Crime Prevention Week
February, 2nd week Cardiac Rebabilitation Week
February, 3rd week International Flirting Week
February, 3rd week Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week
February, 3rd week Pay Your Bills Week
February 7-12 The Chinese New Year is celebrated in various nations between Feb. 7 and Feb. 12
February 1-18 Conclusion of Aquarius (Astrological)
February 19-29 Beginning of Pisces (Astrological)
Monday, Feb. 1 National Freedom Day (U.S.)
Monday, Feb. 1 Mexico Constitution Day
Monday, Feb. 1 Mauritius Abolition of Slavery day
Monday, Feb. 1 Confederal Agreement Day (Senegal)
Monday, Feb. 1 Federal Territory Day (Malaysia)
Monday, Feb. 1 San Cecilio (Spain)
Monday, Feb. 1 St. Brigid’s Day (Montserrat)
Tuesday, Feb. 2 Groundhog Day (U.S.)
Tuesday, Feb. 2 Candlemas–Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Christian)
Tuesday, Feb. 2 Imbolc–Imbolc-Lughnassad (Wicca-Pagan)
Tuesday, Feb. 2 National Change your Windshield Wipers Day (US)
Wednesday, Feb. 3 Setsebun sai (Shinto)
Wednesday, Feb. 3 The Day the Music Died (death of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & Big Bopper, 1959)
Wednesday, Feb. 3 Mozambique Heroes’ Day
Wednesday, Feb. 3 Liberty Heroes Day (Sao Tome & Principe
Wednesday, Feb. 3 San Blaise (Paraguay)
Wednesday, Feb. 3 Patient Recognition Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Rosa Parks Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Angola Liberation Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Sri Lanka National Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Create a Vacuum Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Thank a Mailman Day
Friday, Feb. 5 National Wear Red Day (U.S.)
Friday, Feb. 5 Kashmir Day (Pakistan)
Friday, Feb. 5 National Weatherman’s Day
Friday, Feb. 5 Chama Cha Mapinduzi Day (Tanzania)
Friday, Feb. 5 Presidents Day (Republic of Congo)
Friday, Feb. 5 Saint Agatha’s Day (San Marino)
Friday, Feb. 5 Unity Day (Barundi)
Saturday, Feb. 6 Waitangi Day (New Zealand-alternate celebration on Feb. 8th)
Saturday, Feb. 6 Bob Marley Day (Jamaica)
Saturday, Feb. 6 Sami National Day (Finland, Norway, Sweden)
Sunday, Feb. 7 Korean New Year (South Korea)
Sunday, Feb. 7 Transfiguration Sunday (Christian)
Sunday, Feb. 7 Send a Card to a Friend Day
Sunday, Feb. 7 Superbowl L (50) Sunday
Sunday, Feb. 7 Independence Day (Grenada)
Monday, Feb. 8 Boy Scout Day
Monday, Feb. 8 Chinese–Lunar New Year (Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist, China)
Monday, Feb. 8 New Zealand Waitangi Day
Monday, Feb. 8 Slovenia Preserens day
Monday, Feb. 8 Vietnamese New Year (Tet)
Monday, Feb. 8 Clean Out Your Computer Day
Monday, Feb. 8 Kite Flying Day
Monday, Feb. 8 Culture Day (Slovenia)
Monday, Feb. 8 Youth Day (Republic of Congo)
Tuesday, Feb. 9 Mardi Gras – Shrove Tuesday
Tuesday, Feb. 9 Feast of St. Maron (Lebanon)
Wednesday, Feb. 10 Ash Wednesday (Christian) Beginning of Lent
Wednesday, Feb. 10 Umbrella Day
Wednesday, Feb. 10 Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck (Malta)
Thursday, Feb. 11 National Foundation Day (Japan)
Thursday, Feb. 11 Thomas Edison’s Birthday
Thursday, Feb. 11 Make a Friend Day
Thursday, Feb. 11 Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
Thursday, Feb. 11 Armed Forces Day (Liberia)
Thursday, Feb. 11 Youth Day (Cameroon)
Thursday, Feb. 11 Anniversary of Lateranensi Pacts (Vatican City)
Friday, Feb. 12 Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
Friday, Feb. 12 Vasant Panshami (Hindu)
Friday, Feb. 12 Union Day (Myanmar)
Friday, Feb. 12 Isra and Merag (Sudan)
Friday, Feb. 12 Youth Day (Venezuela)
Friday, Feb. 12 International Darwin Day
Saturday, Feb. 13
Sunday, Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day
Sunday, Feb. 14 Mothers Day (Norway)
Sunday, Feb. 14 National Organ Donor Day (Give your heart?)
Sunday, Feb. 14 International Condom Day
Sunday, Feb. 14 Ferris Wheel Day
Sunday, Feb. 14 Wine-Grower’s Day (Bulgaria)
Monday, Feb. 15 Presidents’ Day (Celebration of Washington & Lincoln’s Birthday–U.S.)
Monday, Feb. 15 Sovereignty Day of Serbia
Monday, Feb. 15 Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday (U.S.)
Monday, Feb. 15 Candlemas Day (Orthodox Christian – Julian Calendar)
Monday, Feb. 15 National Flag of Canada Day
Monday, Feb. 15 Nirvana Day (Buddhist, Jain)
Monday, Feb. 15 National Day (Serbia)
Tuesday, Feb. 16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day
Tuesday, Feb. 16 Lithuanian Restoration of the State Day
Tuesday, Feb. 16 Kim Jong-il’s Birthday (North Korea)
Wednesday, Feb. 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
Wednesday, Feb. 17 National Public Science Day (U.S.)
Thursday, Feb. 18 National Battery Day
Thursday, Feb. 18 Independence Day (Gambia)
Friday, Feb. 19 National Democracy Day (Nepal)
Friday, Feb. 19 National Flag Day (Turkmenistan)
Saturday, Feb. 20 Love Your Pet Day
Sunday, Feb. 21 Card Reading Day
Sunday, Feb. 21 Birthday of King Harald V (Norway)
Sunday, Feb. 21 Martyr’s Day (Bangladesh)
Sunday, Feb. 21 International Mother Language Day
Monday, Feb. 22 George Washington’s Birthday
Monday, Feb. 22 Meak Bochea Day (Cambodia)
Monday, Feb. 22 Saint Lucia Independence Day
Monday, Feb. 22 Lantern Festival (Taiwan)
Monday, Feb. 22 Be Humble Day
Monday, Feb. 22 Walking the Dog Day
Monday, Feb. 22 International World Thinking Day
Monday, Feb. 22 People Power Day (Phiippines)
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day (Russia)
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Brunei National Day
Tuesday, Feb. 23 International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Tennis Day
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Army Day (Tajikistan)
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Republic Day (Guyana)
Wednesday, Feb. 24 Estonian Independence Day
Wednesday, Feb. 24 St. Matthias the Apostle (Anglican)
Wednesday, Feb. 24 Flag Day (Mexico)
Thursday, Feb. 25 Pistol Patent Day (Samuel Colt patented the pistol in US)
Thursday, Feb. 25 Kuwait’s National Day
Thursday, Feb. 25 Norriture Rituelle des sources têt d’ l’eau (Haitian Voodoo)
Thursday, Feb. 25 Revolution Day (Suriname)
Friday, Feb. 26 Intercalary Days begin (Baha’i)
Friday, Feb. 26 Kuwait Liberation Day
Friday, Feb. 26 Carnival Day (for travelling carnivals, not Mardi Gras)
Friday, Feb. 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Saturday, Feb. 27 Dominican Republic Independence Day
Saturday, Feb. 27 Polar Bear Day
Saturday, Feb. 27 No Brainer Day
Sunday, Feb. 28 Oscar Night (Academy Awards – U.S.)
Sunday, Feb. 28 National Tooth Fairy Day (also Aug. 22)
Monday, Feb. 29 Peace Memorial Day (Taiwan)
Monday, Feb. 29 Andalucia Day (Spain)
Monday, Feb. 29 Leap Year Day
Monday, Feb. 29 Sadie Hawkins Day (see above)

Food Celebrations

February, 2016, Food Holidays
February, all month Berry Fresh Month
February, all month Canned Food Month
February, all month Celebration of Chocolate Month
February, all month Great American Pies Month
February, all month National Cherry Month
February, all month National Fiber Focus Month
February, all month National Fondue Month
February, all month National Grapefruit Month
February, all month National Heart Healthy Month
February, all month National Hot Breakfast Month
February, all month National Snack Food Month
February, all month Potato Lover’s Month
February, all month Sweet Potato Month
February, all month Bake for Family Fun Month (Home Baking Assoc.)
February, all month Canned Food Month (Canned Food Alliance)
February, all month Chocolate Lovers Month
February, all month Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month
February, all month Bake for Family Fun Month
Fruits & Vegetables for Feb. Oranges, Star Fruit, Calabaza Squash, Bitter Melon
February, 1st week La Poutine Week (in Canada)
February, 1st week Shape Up With Pickles Time
February, 2nd week Great American Pizza Bake
February, 2nd week Kraut and Frankfurter Week
February, 4th week National Pancake Week
Monday, Feb. 1 National Baked Alaska Day
Tuesday, Feb. 2 Heavenly Hash Day
Tuesday, Feb. 2 National Pisco Sour Day
Wednesday, Feb. 3 National Carrot Cake Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 Homemade Soup Day
Thursday, Feb. 4 National Stuffed Mushroom Day
Friday, Feb. 5 National Chocolate Fondue Day
Friday, Feb. 5 World Nutella Day
Saturday, Feb. 6 National Chopsticks Day
Saturday, Feb. 6 National Frozen Yogurt Day
Sunday, Feb. 7 National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
Monday, Feb. 8 Oatmeal Monday
Monday, Feb. 8 Molasses Bar Day
Feb. 9 (Shrove Tuesday) International Pancake Day
Tuesday, Feb. 9 National Bagels and Lox Day
Tuesday, Feb. 9 Pizza Pie Day
Wednesday, Feb. 10 Cream Cheese Brownie Day
Thursday, Feb. 11 Peppermint Patty Day
Thursday, Feb. 11 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
Friday, Feb. 12 National Plum Pudding Day
Saturday, Feb. 13 National Tortellini Day
Sunday, Feb. 14 National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day
Monday, Feb. 15 National Gumdrop Day
Tuesday, Feb. 16 National Almond Day
Wednesday, Feb. 17 National Indian Pudding Day
Thursday, Feb. 18 Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day
Thursday, Feb. 18 Drink Wine Day
Friday, Feb. 19 National Chocolate Mint Day
Saturday, Feb. 20 National Cherry Pie Day
Sunday, Feb. 21 National Sticky Bun Day
Monday, Feb. 22 National Margarita Day
Tuesday, Feb. 23 National Banana Bread Day
Tuesday, Feb. 23 Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Wednesday, Feb. 24 National Tortilla Chip Day
Thursday, Feb. 25 National Clam Chowder Day
Thursday, Feb. 25 National Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day
Thursday, Feb. 25 National Chili Day
Friday, Feb. 26 National Pistachio Day
Saturday, Feb. 27 National Strawberry Day
Saturday, Feb. 27 National Kahlua Day
Sunday, Feb. 28 National Chili Day
Sunday, Feb. 28 National Chocolate Soufflé Day
Sunday, Feb. 28 Saint Bunters Day (National cake and bun day – U.K.)
Monday, Feb. 29 Surf and Turf Day

Composers’ Birthdays

Composer Birthdays – February
February 1, 1669 Miquel Lopez
February 1, 1690 Francesco Maria Veracini
February 1, 1733 Johann Philipp Christian Schulze
February 1, 1859 Victor Herbert
February 1, 1877 Thomas Frederick Dunhill
February 1, 1907 Mozart Camargo Guarnieri
February 2, 1669 Louis Marchand
February 2, 1714 Gottfried August Homilius
February 2, 1804 Leopold Eugen Mechura
February 3, 1525 Giovanni Perluigi Palestrina
February 3, 1736 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger
February 3, 1809 Jacob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn
February 3, 1911 Jehan Alain
February 4, 1549 François-Eustache Du Caurroy
February 4, 1892 Yrjo Kilpinen
February 5, 1868 Lodewijk Mortelmans
February 6, 1818 Henry Charles Litolff
February 7, 1871 Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammar
February 7, 1897 Quincy Porter
February 8, 1741 Andre-Ernest-Modeste Gretry
February 9, 1885 Alban Berg
February 10, 1696 Johann Melchior Molter
February 11, 1830 Hans Bronsart Von Schellendorf
February 11, 1830 Peter Arnold Heise
February 12, 1760 Jan Ladislav Dussek
February 12, 1886 Michel Brusselmans
February 12, 1898 Roy Harris
February 13, 1778 Fernando Sor
February 13, 1870 Leopold Godowsky
February 14, 1679 Georg Friedrich Kauffmann
February 14, 1813 Alexander Dargomyzhsky
February 14, 1882 Ignaz Friedman
February 15, 1571 Michael Praetorius
February 15, 1847 Robert Fuchs
February 16, 1709 Charles Avison
February 16, 1847 Ludwig Philipp Scharwenka
February 17, 1653 Arcangelo Corelli
February 17, 1820 Henri Vieuxtemps
February 17, 1862 Sir Edward German
February 17, 1887 Leevi Madetoya
February 18, 1939 Marlos Nobre
February 19, 1743 Luigi Boccherini
February 19, 1763 Adalbert Gyrowetz
February 20, 1745 Johann Peter Saloman
February 20, 1770 Ferdinando Carulli
February 20, 1791 Carl Czerny
February 20, 1802 Charles-Auguste de Beriot
February 21, 1801 Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda
February 21, 1836 Clement-Philibert-Leo Delibes
February 21, 1844 Charles-Marie-Jean-Albert Widor
February 21, 1893 Andres Segovia
February 22, 1817 Niels Wilhelm Gade
February 22, 1834 Albert Heinrich Zabel
February 23, 1648 John Blow
February 23, 1685 George Frideric Handel
February 24, 1766 Samuel Wesley
February 24, 1771 John Baptist Cramer
February 25, 1727 Armand-Louis Couperin
February 26, 1770 Anton Reicha
February 26, 1879 Frank Bridge
February 27, 1848 Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
February 28, 1808 Elias Parish-Alvers
February 28, 1854 Juliusz Zarebski
February 28, 1876 John Alden Carpenter
February 28, 1877 Sergei Bortkiewicz
February 29, 1792 Gioachino Antonio Rossini
February 29, 1852 Sir Frederic Hymen Cowen


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