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Be a Bullet Journal Action Hero: Tasks, Reviews & Rituals

The Messy Bullet Journal – Part 3 In our previous post, we reviewed the parts of the Bullet Journal – The Perfect System for Imperfect People. The key to success, though, is in the execution. To be a Bullet Journal [...]

The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 2

How to Build Your BuJo Need to Get Organized? Is your life a series of missed appointments, late arrivals, forgotten deadlines, misplaced tasks, and multi-colored Post-It reminders growing around your computer screen like mold on cheese? You’ve tried calendars, whiteboards, [...]

The Messy Bullet Journal, Part 1

The Bullet Journal – The Perfect System for Imperfect People I’ve previously written on Frugal Guidance 2 about notebooks and how to use them, including a cowboy-themed series on different things you can do to break in, corral and ride [...]

Ten Ways AI and Robotics Will Affect Our Jobs and Lives

The Blessings (and the Curse) of AI and Jobs Part 8 in the Robots and Jobs Series A recently broadcast episode of 60 Minutes about AI (artificial intelligence) showcased how IBM’s Watson computer is working with several Cancer Research hospitals [...]

Robots and Construction Jobs

Whether Building a House or a City, Robots Will Be There Part 7 in the Robots and Jobs Series Robots and Construction Workplaces Although robots have been widely used in manufacturing (the prime example being the auto industry), the construction [...]

Robotics and Agriculture and Future Jobs

Will Robots Kick Farm Workers Out of the Field? Part 6 in the Robots and Jobs Series These are interesting times for both robotics and agriculture. In a world with unstable weather patterns and rising oceans due to global warming, [...]

A Personal Reaction to the Comey Testimony to Congress

Draining the Swamp is Hard When You Keep Batting the Hornets' Nests Up to now, I’ve avoided writing about politics on my blog. But what happened today is so amazing, I had to start. Rule Number 1 Today is June [...]

Robots and Jobs for Professional Drivers

Trucks, Taxis, Cars, Buses and Trains All Face Automation Part 5 of the Robots and Jobs Series Sections Truck Drivers – Truck Driver Job Prospects Taxi Drivers – Taxi Driver Job Prospects Bus Drivers – Bus Driver Job Prospects Trains [...]

Robots and Jobs in Retail

Robots and automation are taking over many jobs in the warehouse, malls, online, and your favorite stores. See where the jobs may be.

Robots & The Fast Food Industry

Rock Bottom Employment and Fast Food Service Part 3 in a Series on Jobs and Robots In spite of all the changes to jobs over the past 70 years, when a job hunter hit bottom, there have been two places [...]

A Brief History of Robots from SciFi to the Shop Floor

The History and Possible Future of Robots Part 2 in a Series on Jobs and Robots There are two vastly different views of a future working with robots. In the first view, robots will gain intelligence and replace workers (and, [...]

Robots vs. Humans in the Race for Jobs

Will Finding a Job Become More and More Difficult? Part 1 in a Series on Jobs and Robots The American worker, once the envy of the world, has lately been battered by reduced wages, impermanent jobs, increased work hours, and [...]