This Ain’t My First Moleskine Rodeo

A Moleskine Cowboy's Tips and Hacks for Branding Your Notebook It's been a while since we've corralled a list of tips and hacks for notebook users (Moleskine and other brands). Here are both new and old ideas on using your [...]

From Idea to Blog Post – My Blogging Tools

Experimenting with Research, Writing, and Editing Software In the past couple of years of blogging, I've tried a large number of writing, note-taking and organizational tools. Some have been successful experiments, some less so. These have included mind mapping tools, [...]

Serious Fun – Advanced Party Planning Sites

Online Party Planning Tools for Frugal Celebrations and Events - Part 2 In Part 1 of this series, we looked at a variety of free and premium online invitation sites. If your party, celebration or event production needs go beyond [...]

Online Party Planning: Invitations & E-cards

Invitations & Ecards 2013 Edition, Part 1 E-card designs from Oriental Trading Co. Whether you are gathering a few friends together for a night out, hosting a holiday celebration, or planning a wedding, an anniversary, a business meeting, [...]

Frugal Fountain Pen Suggestions, Part 2

Some of My Favorite Frugal Fountain Pens and Inks (and Some, Not So Much) In our earlier post, we discussed some of my favorite frugal fountain pens. Let’s continue our discussion where we left off. My Husband / Boyfriend / [...]

Fountain Pens: Fine Tools for Writers

Are Fountain Pens Poised to Flourish in the Future? 1919 Poster by Eugène Ogé, featuring a huge Waterman Ideal fountain pen, published just after the end of World War I around the time of the negotiation of the final [...]

The Frugal Parson On Zenware for Writers, Part 2

If Microsoft Word and LibreOffice and OpenOffice are about features, tables, data and publishing, the world of Zen-style writing software is all about you and getting your ideas into words as easily as possible. Whether you call it Zenware, Zen-inspired, [...]

The Frugal Parson Explores Zenware for Writers, Part 1

Do Your Writing Tools Frustrate as Much as They Help You Create? If you've used a lot of high-end software, think of all the time you've spent searching through menus or ribbons just to find the command you want. You've [...]

Mind Mapping on the iPad – 5 Apps, Part 2

Our final two mind map competitors In our previous post, we looked at using mind maps on the iPad and reviewed three programs: SimpleMind, Mindomo and MindMaple. We continue in this post with two advanced programs: iThoughts and iMindMap. iThoughts [...]

Mind Mapping on the iPad – 5 Apps, Part 1

Is the iPad the perfect place to create mind maps? What I look for in an iPad mind mapping program Frugal Guidance 2 has previously shared several articles about mind mapping (and other visualization techniques -- see links below) and [...]

The Dark Arts of Palmer

A Spiritual Pilgrimage Into Penmanship Over a year ago I dove into a branch of knowledge and skill that I had ignored most of my life. It’s a shadowy discipline that is scorned by many schools these days. Libraries have [...]

Taming the Wild Moleskine, Part 3

A Moleskine Roundup of Ideas In the past three articles, we’ve shared ideas on how to buy and use your notebook to get organized and create. Just as cowboys show off and share techniques with others at a rodeo, Moleskine [...]