Taming the Wild Moleskine, Part 1

Breaking the Bronco Notebook Just as cowboys become experts in breaking in wild horses, Moleskine users must eventually learn to master the art of roping and corralling their notebook, then breaking it in. Here are some techniques from veteran notebook [...]

How to Become a Moleskine Cowboy

Roping Your First Moleskine Notebook When you try to research productivity, planning and getting things done on the Internet, you come across solutions involving office software, information management, Internet notebook applications, outliners, mind mapping tools, cloud apps, and ways to [...]

Notebook Alternatives to Moleskines

Fine Notebooks for the Moleskine Averse Welcome to our August 14, 2014 edition of Alternatives to Moleskines. It's been totally reorganized and largely rewritten, with more different notebook manufacturers and distributors, even with some new non-wood papers. Feel free to [...]

The Pilgrims Were Frugal, Too

  Happy Thanksgiving We give thanks for all our readers. Have a Fun Frugal Thanksgiving.

10 Amazing Ways to Use Mind Maps to Organize Your Life

Expand your Repertoire of Maps In the last post, we discussed how to create a mind map and why they are useful. Now, let's see what different kind of work you can do using mind maps and other similar maps. [...]

Creating Your First (or a Better) Mind Map

The Good Ol' BOIs Network First thing, if you've never created a mind map before, relax. It's not hard and actually fun. You can do it online, or with a downloaded mind map application, or on a large, blank piece [...]

Why Mind Mapping is for You!

Some Ideas for Starting with Mind Maps Note: About two days after writing my previous post about the explosion of information and the ability of visual techniques to make it more manageable, I found another article that nicely parallels my ideas, "Are You [...]

Mind Mapping and the Information Revolution

Using Graphical Techniques for Creativity One of the great distinctions of life today as opposed to just a few decades ago is the amount of information that a person is expected to see, filter, process and create. Although information technology [...]