Smart Phone Job Hunting – Part 1

Job Search the Portable Way Are you using a smart phone for your job hunt? To a younger job hunter, say, a recent grad, this question never comes up. The answer is, "Of course. Why do you ask?" Or, perhaps, [...]

One more reason to be on LinkedIn for your job search

Umass / Dartmouth Corporate Social Media Survey Confirms What We've Been Saying to Jobseekers Since 2008, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has studied social media adoption by Fortune 500 corporations. They offer an annual report, the [...]

Job Hunting Patterns Focus of Indeed Research

Where are Job Seekers Looking for Work? I volunteer for a local job hunting group, the Professional Support Group of Morris County, in New Jersey, which helps professionals face the challenges of finding work today. A couple of common questions here [...]

Job Hunters: More Employers Are Checking You Online

CareerBuilder Survey Shows Polishing Up Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Enough For the job hunter, it’s no longer enough to look good on LinkedIn and at your interview anymore. You need to look your best all over the web, including Facebook, [...]

The Great Frugal Guidance List of Job Aggregators

The Most Popular and Useful Job Aggregator Web Sites for Job Hunters In our previous post, we discussed what a Job Aggregator is, the pros and cons of using these sites, and strategies. If you haven't read it, you can [...]

Job Hunting Basics: Finding Work with Job Aggregators

How to Use Job Aggregator Websites for Your Job Search As part of a new series of articles for job hunters, Frugal Guidance 2 will present our frugal list of job aggregation sites for job hunters. First, however, we will [...]

Is LinkedIn Getting Too Big for Its Britches?

The LinkedIn Curmudgeon asks: Is Massive Growth the Best Path for LinkedIn and Its Members Today? 12 Hurdles for LinkedIn's Growth Goals Change is constant in Social Media. Online, there is no point where success leads, finally, to living happily [...]

More Stealthy Job Search Alternatives to LinkedIn

Pursuing Confidential Job Search Alternatives Off the Grid Fifth and Final Part of the Series, with Summary and Reading List If you are in a confidential job search, one way to keep your search a secret is to do some [...]

Stealthy Job Search Alternatives to LinkedIn

Confidential Job Search Alternatives Online and Off Part 4 of Our Series on Confidential Job Searches In our last post we discussed some of the problems of keeping your job search secret on LinkedIn, the most public forum for professionals [...]

Your Confidential Job Search on LinkedIn

All Quiet on the LinkedIn Front Part 3 of a series on quiet job searches If you are in a stealth job search, LinkedIn’s normal settings might hurt LinkedIn is, of course, a public site. It is also the premier [...]

Run Silent, Run Deep. Keep Your Confidential Job Search a Secret

Loose Lips Sink Ships Part 2 of a series on planning your confidential job search Like the classic submarine movie, Run Silent, Run Deep, a stealthy job search involves staying undetectable from friends and foes. As we discussed in our [...]

Confidential Job Search 101

Looking for a Job Quietly. Shhh! Part 1 of a series Psst! Are we alone? Anybody looking over your shoulder at the computer screen? Are you using your employer's computer or phone to read this? No? Good, because we're talking [...]