New updated “Who Not to Connect With on LinkedIn”

Since it was first written in 2013, my post on Who NOT to Connect with on LinkedIn has become one of the most viewed articles on Frugal Guidance 2. After much thought and editing, I’ve created a new version, including [...]

Job Hunters & the New LinkedIn Interface

Which LinkedIn Membership Works for Your Job Hunt? For two months, LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out its new interface for those who use LinkedIn from their desktop (or laptop) computers via a browser. This can have a big effect [...]

LinkedIn Adds Skills Education to Its Core Mission Courses Available Free for Some LinkedIn Subscribers About a year and a half ago, LinkedIn bought the online training site, Until last week, the two remained separate entities, each offering a variety of paid and free options. Last [...]

The Job Hunter’s Emergency Guide to LinkedIn, Part 2

Premium accounts, Profile Photos, Passwords and Dating Advice Should I Pay for a Premium LinkedIn Account? Sooner or later, LinkedIn will ask you whether you want to subscribe to any of their premium accounts or try one for 30 days. [...]

The Job Hunter’s Emergency Guide to LinkedIn, Part 1

Oops, I Need a Job. Soon. What Do I Do? Maybe you just had that extremely awkward conversation with your boss about why they’re letting you go. Or you quit. Possibly you just graduated, or you’re getting back into the [...]

Surviving LinkedIn Change, Confusion and Chaos

Coping with LinkedIn’s Culture of Change without Angst Even by LinkedIn’s standards, the social network is going through a great deal of change lately. It is most visible today in major changes to LinkedIn’s messaging, the upcoming re-invention of Groups, [...]

LinkedIn Groups Seeing Big Changes

The LinkedIn Curmudgeon on LinkedIn’s Big Announcement The LinkedIn Curmudgeon makes a guest appearance on Frugal Guidance 2 again, inspired by LinkedIn’s recent announcement of changes to Groups. The LC is delighted with the announcement, not only because he really [...]

Using Image Search With LinkedIn

  Using Google, Bing & TinEye photo search for safer networking on LinkedIn LinkedIn is sometimes tightfisted about sharing information for people you are not connected to, especially if you’re using a free account. Are you trying to find out somebody’s [...]

Job Seeker’s Q&A on Getting Started with Online Networking

LinkedIn and Other Online Services Can Help Your Job Search   In my volunteer work with job hunters, I find most professionals have joined LinkedIn, but many of them are still mystified about why they should be networking online. If [...]

Managing Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Making Your Endorsements Work for You Endorsements have been fairly quiet over the past half year, resting a bit while LinkedIn was changing everything around them. But today, you can edit and control the look of your endorsements right in [...]

Harvesting Your LinkedIn Data

Downloading and Using the Info That LinkedIn Keeps on You Part 2 of a Series on some of LinkedIn's recent changes Recently, LinkedIn began allowing members to download a large amount of the data that LinkedIn stores about them, including a [...]

LinkedIn Connections: What’s Your Style? Part 3

More on LinkedIn Networking for Creatives, Working Joes, Movers, Boomers, and you! This post is the third part in a series on examining your LinkedIn connecting style. If you haven't read the previous post, LinkedIn Connections: What's Your Style? Part [...]