LinkedIn Connections: What’s Your Style? Part 2

Finding your LinkedIn Style of Networking In our last post, we engaged in the Quality vs. Quantity debate between connecting with LinkedIn members you already know and trust (Quality) and the advantages of having a large, diverse, new network (Quantity). [...]

LinkedIn Connections – What’s Your Style?

Part 1 - Into the Fray - Quantity vs. Quality LinkedIn is a bit odd in its connections policy, especially compared to other social media. On Twitter, Facebook and Google+, there’s nobody instructing you to be careful in your following [...]

LinkedIn Basics: The Essential LinkedIn Broadcast ON / OFF Switch

This Basic LinkedIn Setting Might Save Your Career If you use only one LinkedIn setting, this is the one to learn. Turn ON and OFF your announcements to maximize your job search and to minimize automatic LinkedIn Activity Broadcast spam. [...]

LinkedIn Tagging Strategies for Job Hunters

LinkedIn Basics: Organizing Your LinkedIn Job Search Connections with Tags Part 2 of a series In our previous post, we discussed how to use LinkedIn tags and strategies for using tags for general networking. (If you need an introduction to [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Tagging Strategies for Contacts

Organizing Your Connections with LinkedIn’s Contacts, Part 1 If you are like me, you’ve been adding LinkedIn connections for years and letting them collect a little bit of dust between sporadic attempts at organization. However, now that you can import [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Taking Control of Your Settings, Part 1

Stealth Job Search Essentials Included A Privacy Primer As we’ve shown in earlier posts, it appears that one of the requisite job skills for becoming a LinkedIn interface designer is to be skilled in the arts of disguise, serreptition and [...]

A Year of LinkedIn Changes

Catching Up With LinkedIn — A Roundup of New LinkedIn Features for the Past Year Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or a relatively new member, you’ve probably figured out that the rate of change on LinkedIn has been rapid, unannounced, and [...]

Job Hunters: Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Summer Tune-up

A Warm Weather Tune-up Can  Heat Up Your LinkedIn Action Just as summer is a good time to give your car a tune-up to prepare for your vacation travels, summer is also a great time to give your LinkedIn Profile [...]

What Job Hunters Should Know About The Corporate Recruiters’ LinkedIn

For Job Hunters, TAP isn't just a Dance The Invisible LinkedIn On April 15th, Alexandra Chang wrote “The Most Important LinkedIn Page You’ve Never Seen” for Wired online (link below). The article described features of the new LinkedIn interface for [...]

Learning LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2

Put the Power of LinkedIn at Your Fingertips. (Photo from the 1947 film, Monster Alley.) An Index to LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2 One of the subject areas that Frugal Guidance 2 keeps returning to is the use [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Incredible, Irresistible LinkedIn Invitations

Avoiding the Zombie Approach to LinkedIn Invitations The main reason for joining LinkedIn is to connect with other people. Period. LinkedIn, being the upscale business site, requires that you send a written invitation to connect to somebody, or accept somebody’s [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Searching LinkedIn with Google

Amazing LinkedIn Stories: A Beginner’s Guide to using Google Search for LinkedIn Why would I want to use Google search on LinkedIn? LinkedIn has excellent search tools to find potential connections, prospects, HR managers, salespeople, corporations, business prospects, and almost [...]