Is it time to shoot the LIONs?

Why Open Networkers are Idealists, and Why They Need to Stop It Ever since LinkedIn went online there has been a fierce debate between those who feel you should only connect with people you know, and those who say you [...]

Big Data is Wrecking Your Silent Job Search

The Social Media Job Search Snitch Your Boss May Know about Your Job Search Before You Finish Updating Your Résumé You may be working and looking for a new job. Everybody does it. If you already have a job, there are [...]

Job Seeker’s Q&A on Getting Started with Online Networking

LinkedIn and Other Online Services Can Help Your Job Search   In my volunteer work with job hunters, I find most professionals have joined LinkedIn, but many of them are still mystified about why they should be networking online. If [...]

LinkedIn Invitations: Updates, Challenges & New Tricks

Old and New Ways to Connect on LinkedIn Part 4 on our Fall, 2014 series on LinkedIn changes. One thing that's been consistent with LinkedIn over the years is their admonition to only connect with people you know and trust. [...]

Smart Phone Job Hunting – Part 1

Job Search the Portable Way Are you using a smart phone for your job hunt? To a younger job hunter, say, a recent grad, this question never comes up. The answer is, "Of course. Why do you ask?" Or, perhaps, [...]

Job Hunters: More Employers Are Checking You Online

CareerBuilder Survey Shows Polishing Up Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Enough For the job hunter, it’s no longer enough to look good on LinkedIn and at your interview anymore. You need to look your best all over the web, including Facebook, [...]

Is LinkedIn Getting Too Big for Its Britches?

The LinkedIn Curmudgeon asks: Is Massive Growth the Best Path for LinkedIn and Its Members Today? 12 Hurdles for LinkedIn's Growth Goals Change is constant in Social Media. Online, there is no point where success leads, finally, to living happily [...]

LinkedIn Connections – What’s Your Style?

Part 1 - Into the Fray - Quantity vs. Quality LinkedIn is a bit odd in its connections policy, especially compared to other social media. On Twitter, Facebook and Google+, there’s nobody instructing you to be careful in your following [...]

LinkedIn Basics: The Essential LinkedIn Broadcast ON / OFF Switch

This Basic LinkedIn Setting Might Save Your Career If you use only one LinkedIn setting, this is the one to learn. Turn ON and OFF your announcements to maximize your job search and to minimize automatic LinkedIn Activity Broadcast spam. [...]

Learning LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2

Put the Power of LinkedIn at Your Fingertips. (Photo from the 1947 film, Monster Alley.) An Index to LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2 One of the subject areas that Frugal Guidance 2 keeps returning to is the use [...]