The Siren Song of OneNote Reaches Evernote Users’ Ears

  Can Evernote Still Compete with OneNote? The Seductive Myth The Sirens, as you may remember, were beautiful, feminine, mythological creatures who lived on a rocky island somewhere near Greece. They sang. They sang so beautifully and so seductively that [...]

Creating and Using Custom Gmail Addresses

Plus (+) Address Tricks with Gmail Gmail is a great free service. Sometimes it seems that everybody in the world is using it, making it hard to register your favorite email address. But did you know there are ways to [...]

Smart Phone Job Hunting – The Tools

Getting Organized with Smart Phone Tools, Part 2 A smart phone normally comes with a library of organization tools that can be handy for pulling together your job search. For the moment, let's look at tools that are not specifically for [...]

Smart Phone Job Hunting – Part 1

Job Search the Portable Way Are you using a smart phone for your job hunt? To a younger job hunter, say, a recent grad, this question never comes up. The answer is, "Of course. Why do you ask?" Or, perhaps, [...]

This Ain’t My First Moleskine Rodeo

A Moleskine Cowboy's Tips and Hacks for Branding Your Notebook It's been a while since we've corralled a list of tips and hacks for notebook users (Moleskine and other brands). Here are both new and old ideas on using your [...]

The Latest LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice Updates

The Open Source Office Suites Both Issue Upgrades Recently (May, 2014), both The Document Foundation and The Apache Foundation released minor upgrades to, respectively, LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. Both versions of OpenOffice had robust upgrades last summer, so I was [...]

Microsoft Announces Free OneNote for Macs & Windows

Microsoft is Clearly Challenging Evernote. Let's compare. On Monday, March 17th, Microsoft announced the release of a new version of OneNote for the Macintosh, ending a decade-long wait for the program to come to Mac users. Microsoft also announced that [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Tagging Strategies for Contacts

Organizing Your Connections with LinkedIn’s Contacts, Part 1 If you are like me, you’ve been adding LinkedIn connections for years and letting them collect a little bit of dust between sporadic attempts at organization. However, now that you can import [...]

Professional-Level Event Planning Sites & Services

Online Party Planning Tools for Frugal Celebrations and Events, Part 3 If you are planning a group picnic, a dinner, or an intimate fund-raising event for, maybe, 5,000 people, these services can handle almost anything. We also add a few [...]

Serious Fun – Advanced Party Planning Sites

Online Party Planning Tools for Frugal Celebrations and Events - Part 2 In Part 1 of this series, we looked at a variety of free and premium online invitation sites. If your party, celebration or event production needs go beyond [...]

Online Party Planning: Invitations & E-cards

Invitations & Ecards 2013 Edition, Part 1 E-card designs from Oriental Trading Co. Whether you are gathering a few friends together for a night out, hosting a holiday celebration, or planning a wedding, an anniversary, a business meeting, [...]

Creating Your Own Business Cards in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice

Part 3 of The Great, Frugal Summer-Doldrums Software Adventure Your Assignment, If You Choose to Accept it: Design Your Own Printable Business Cards For many people, trying to create even a relatively simple design project, like your own printable business [...]