Aurora HDR – The Good and the Bad

A Deeper Look at Aurora HDR In our earlier post, we did a general comparison between Photomatix Pro (Version 6) and the latest PC version of Aurora HDR 2018. Today I’m going to focus specifically on Aurora HDR (with a [...]

Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro

A User's Review One of my first HDR images using Aurora HDR The Young HDR Upstart Gives the Seasoned Pro Competition In the High Dynamic Range (HDR) world of photography, Photomatix Pro and Aurora HDR are opposites in [...]

An Intro to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography – for the Inquisitive & Curious Photographer

Everything You Need to Know to Start HDR Photography Maybe you heard about High Dynamic Range (HDR) while reading about photography but had no idea what it is. Maybe you’ve seen some HDR photos and wondered how they got those [...]

Frugal HDR Photography Tools

Bethlehem, PA's old steel works are a great place to experiment with HDR photography. This photo was created from three exposures -2/0/+2 and processed in Photomatix. HDR Impressions Back in the (HDR) Saddle Again I’ve been neglecting my [...]