LinkedIn Files Suit Against Unknown Hackers

LinkedIn Attacked by Data Scraping Bots In an unusual legal move, LinkedIn has filed suit in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California, against unknown hackers who have been using programs to create fake accounts, link to [...]

Professional-Level Event Planning Sites & Services

Online Party Planning Tools for Frugal Celebrations and Events, Part 3 If you are planning a group picnic, a dinner, or an intimate fund-raising event for, maybe, 5,000 people, these services can handle almost anything. We also add a few [...]

Two Small Good Changes on LinkedIn

Sometime in the past week, there were two changes on LinkedIn. As per LinkedIn’s normal operating procedure, there was no announcement, no fanfare, and not even an acknowledgement that anything was different. Sorting Contacts First, in your Contacts list, you [...]

Jobvite Recruiting Survey Helps Job Hunters, Too

Jobvite’s Annual Social Media Recruiting Report Highlights Trends Jobvite, which offers tools for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, comes out with a survey of recruiters every summer. Generally, it studies the use of social media by recruiters (who may be [...]

Will University Pages and Students Change LinkedIn?

LinkedIn to Change Membership TOS on September 12th LinkedIn is now shifting its marketing muscle to recruiting members representative of the most unpredictable, corrosive, unmanageable, and unstable groups of people known to mankind – teenagers. And they're going to welcome [...]

Why is Moleskine So Successful?

Eleven Reasons Moleskine Beats their Competition A few weeks ago a reader left a comment on my Notebook Alternatives to Moleskines post, noting: 1) Leuchterm notebooks should not be referred to as a “Moleskine Clone,” since they were around much [...]

Your Job Hunt Mission: Destroy Your Digital Dirt

Carol Burnett and Rita Hayworth as Cleaning Ladies on The Carol Burnett Show. Shedding Your Social Media Schmutz A few years ago, I wrote about how to find and respond to digital dirt: what it is, how it [...]

Learning LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2

Put the Power of LinkedIn at Your Fingertips. (Photo from the 1947 film, Monster Alley.) An Index to LinkedIn on Frugal Guidance 2 One of the subject areas that Frugal Guidance 2 keeps returning to is the use [...]

Google Reader Faces the Ax

When Google Sneezes, Millions Catch a Cold Google Reader on the Chopping Block When you’re one of the most successful social media, office productivity, search, and information tech companies in history, making even a small change can effect lots of [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Who NOT to Connect With on LinkedIn

Choosing Connections on LinkedIn – a Q&A This article, originally published on February 2013, has been largely rewritten and republished on March 16, 2017 with a new look. I hope you enjoy it. — Andy Why should I be fussy [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Your Email Address(es)

A Quick Q&A on Using Email Addresses on LinkedIn and for your Job Search When you start using LinkedIn, you are asked for an email address. Most people have several to choose from. The one that you use can make [...]

The Deaths of Google+ and Facebook Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Global Web Index Ranks Facebook and Google+ as most Active Sites in the World There is a tendency for prognosticators for being wrong especially when it comes to social media. In recent months, we were treated to naysayers proclaiming that [...]