LinkedIn Basics: Your Name

Considerations for Being Found on LinkedIn and Elsewhere The Most Basic of Basics “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet…” – Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2 But [...]

The Job Search Puzzle: 9 Pieces

The Frugal Job Hunter’s Guide to Fitting the Pieces Together Anybody who has a history of job hunting before and in this millennium has discovered that a job search is different today than it was in the past. In the [...]

LinkedIn Interface Interactions

or Shooting Yourself the Foot Again There are days when I thank LinkedIn and other social media for enriching my life by making it possible to connect with so many wonderful, intelligent, witty, creative people. Then there are days when thinking [...]

More Ways to Help with Disaster Recovery

New Resources for Sandy Disaster Relief In addition to the resources previously posted on this blog, here is more information on helping in the Sandy recovery effort, and places to go for help. Many of the web sites below are [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Your Photo

Let's have some frank discussion about your LinkedIn photo. Yes, you! No, don't click on that button, we need to talk! The changes to LinkedIn's profile design mean that we all need to make changes to our profiles, whether we [...]

Job Hunting Resources: Alex Freund and

I first met Alex Freund at a meeting I was hosting for the Professional Support Group in Dover, NJ, where he gave the first of several presentations of his that I have had the pleasure of attending. Since then, he [...]

11 Job Hunting Tips, Gangnam Style

I never expected to ever listen to Korean Rap but, just in case you haven't heard, the most viewed video on YouTube today is a South Korean, rap video by Korean performer, Psy, entitled "Gangnam Style." Psy and his fellow [...]