Trying the New Apache OpenOffice 4.0

The Frugal Parson Looks at Apache OpenOffice and Kvetches a Bit, Too The Apache Foundation has finally released Apache OpenOffice 4.0 for Windows, Linux and Macintosh, and it's worth the wait. In brief, there is a new sidebar tool interface [...]

LibreOffice 4.0 Personalization Changes

After several readers have commented on how some of the personalization instructions in the article "How to Customize the New LibreOffice 4.0" no longer work, the article has been updated to reflect the changes. The problem is not with LibreOffice [...]

The Frugal Parson On Zenware for Writers, Part 2

If Microsoft Word and LibreOffice and OpenOffice are about features, tables, data and publishing, the world of Zen-style writing software is all about you and getting your ideas into words as easily as possible. Whether you call it Zenware, Zen-inspired, [...]

The Frugal Parson Explores Zenware for Writers, Part 1

Do Your Writing Tools Frustrate as Much as They Help You Create? If you've used a lot of high-end software, think of all the time you've spent searching through menus or ribbons just to find the command you want. You've [...]

How to Customize the New LibreOffice 4.0

NOTE: This article was written for LibreOffice 4.0 in Feb. 2013. Most of these instructions will work in LibreOffice 4.4 or 5.0, but NOT the instructions for using Firefox themes. For info on the great features of using LO 5.0 (and [...]

LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice Preview Improvements

New Free Office Software Updates Coming Soon Since this blog’s Frugal Parson’s Review of OpenOffice and LibreOffice in November, both the Document Foundation (creator of LibreOffice) and the Apache Software Foundation (creator of Apache OpenOffice) have announced progress in creating [...]

The Frugal Parson’’s Guide to SoftMaker Office 2012, Part 1

The German Alternative to Microsoft with World-Wide Language Support Nurenberg-based SoftMaker Software, GmbH has a great little suite of Office applications at a fairly reasonable price and just released its 2012 version recently for both Windows and Linux. The basic [...]

The Frugal Parson’’s Guide to SoftMaker Office 2012, Part 2

Looking Further at SoftMaker Office 2012 with our Crack Team of Advisors If you want more info about our group of software testers, see our original post. In Part 1, we looked at SoftMaker Office 2012 from the perspective of [...]

The Frugal Parson’s Guide to LibreOffice & OpenOffice, Part I

Comparing the Office Gemini Twins Whether you are unemployed, an entrepreneur, or just setting up an office, you're first instinct might be to join much of American business by installing Microsoft Office. For now, resist that temptation, because The Frugal Parson's [...]

The Frugal Parson’s Guide to LibreOffice & OpenOffice, Part II

Using LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice Today, The Frugal Parson returns to our comparisons of the Document Foundation's LibreOffice (LO) and the Apache Software Foundation's OpenOffice (OO), to see how they compete with Microsoft Office (MO). See here, for the first [...]

Introducing the Frugal Parson Software Guides

For Some People, Frugal Software is almost a Religion In preparation for a new series of articles about software, including alternatives to Microsoft Office, Frugal Guidance is introducing our new spiritual and software advisor, The Frugal Parson. The Frugal Parson [...]