Robots and Jobs in Retail

Robots and automation are taking over many jobs in the warehouse, malls, online, and your favorite stores. See where the jobs may be.

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Robots & The Fast Food Industry

Rock Bottom Employment and Fast Food Service Part 3 in a Series on Jobs and Robots In spite of all the changes to jobs over the past 70 years, when a job hunter hit bottom, [...]

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A Brief History of Robots from SciFi to the Shop Floor

The History and Possible Future of Robots Part 2 in a Series on Jobs and Robots There are two vastly different views of a future working with robots. In the first view, robots will gain [...]

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Robots vs. Humans in the Race for Jobs

Will Finding a Job Become More and More Difficult? Part 1 in a Series on Jobs and Robots The American worker, once the envy of the world, has lately been battered by reduced wages, impermanent [...]

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Why I Still Use LibreOffice

How Does LibreOffice Stack Up Against Microsoft and Apache OpenOffice? Back in August of 2013, I began an experiment. Although I had used Microsoft Word on both Macs and PCs for over 25 years, I [...]

How Do I Start a Blog?

There Is an Easy Answer, and a Longer Answer In the past few weeks I’ve received several LinkedIn messages from connections asking for help in starting a blog. Unfortunately, asking “How do I start a [...]

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Painfully Waiting for Spring

Ennui in the Snow & an Anniversary There is an unusually painful and impatient expectation of Spring this year in the hills of northern New Jersey. Last week a nor’easter dropped about eighteen inches of [...]

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New updated “Who Not to Connect With on LinkedIn”

Since it was first written in 2013, my post on Who NOT to Connect with on LinkedIn has become one of the most viewed articles on Frugal Guidance 2. After much thought and editing, I’ve [...]

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Thank You, Readers – a Half Million of You

This little, single-person-run blog has hit a significant milestone. In the past few days, Frugal Guidance 2 passed the 500,000 visitor mark! That's a half million viewers, whose stay might have been brief or long. [...]

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Writing Hacks for Beginners (and Others)

A collection of writing hacks and tips for beginning (and most other) writers.

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A Rambling Remembrance of Typewriters

A Blogger Goes into Full Nostalgia Mode Typewriters have a special niche in the history of technology. Many of us of certain age have a fond memory of using typewriters of various types before the [...]

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