Happy Holidays

  As both the 12 days of Christmas and the 8 days of Hanukkah start on the same day this year, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all my friends of both faiths. And for [...]

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OneNote and Evernote Compared, Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed how OneNote and Evernote share many of the same purposes. Today we’ll look at the main differences between the programs, their user interfaces, and the strengths of each program. [...]

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OneNote and Evernote: Which is Best for You?

Part 1 – Basic Overview and Similarities Whether you run a business, are planning a trip, hosting a party, or writing an article, you need to collect and keep track of a lot of information. [...]

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LinkedIn’s Open Candidate Feature May Help a Job Find You

Learn How (and Whether) to Activate the Feature LinkedIn recently announced a new Open Candidate feature to make it easier for working job hunters to hide their search from their employer and to signal to other [...]

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The Frugal Guide to Online Learning

Online Learning for (Not) Dummies Alternatives to Lynda.com As we discussed in our last post, Lynda.com is a great resource for online learning and is now being incorporated more into LinkedIn, itself. In today’s job [...]

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LinkedIn Adds Skills Education to Its Core Mission

Lynda.com Courses Available Free for Some LinkedIn Subscribers About a year and a half ago, LinkedIn bought the online training site, Lynda.com. Until last week, the two remained separate entities, each offering a variety of [...]

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The Job Hunter’s Emergency Guide to LinkedIn, Part 2

Premium accounts, Profile Photos, Passwords and Dating Advice Should I Pay for a Premium LinkedIn Account? Sooner or later, LinkedIn will ask you whether you want to subscribe to any of their premium accounts or [...]

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The Job Hunter’s Emergency Guide to LinkedIn, Part 1

Oops, I Need a Job. Soon. What Do I Do? Maybe you just had that extremely awkward conversation with your boss about why they’re letting you go. Or you quit. Possibly you just graduated, or [...]

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23 Ways Writers Can Deal with Chaos

Creativity Tools for the (Dis)organized Writer Ideas are messy things. For most people, they tend to pile up in corners and under the bed like dust bunnies. For writers, though, they feel more like stampeding [...]

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7 Steps to Mastering List Articles

Improve Your Blog and Build Readership with Lists Part 6 of Blogging 101 Is there a writer anywhere who never made a list? A shopping list? A task list? A list of points to make [...]

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How to Blog with Curation

Sharing the Web With Others, Link by Link Part 5 of Blogging 101 A couple of weeks ago I was confronted by the fact that I was completely wrong about content curation on the web! [...]

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