The Mysteries of Microblogging

Everything You Wanted to Know About Microblogs, But Didn’t Know to Ask Putting Microblogging Under the Microscope Explaining microblogging is difficult because so many people do it in different ways. A microblog post can be [...]

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The Five Alternate Blog Types Every Blogger Should Know

More Bloggers, More Ways to Blog Blogging 101, Part 3 In our last post on Blogging 101, we discussed three media alternatives to the traditional written blog: video, audio (or podcasting), and image blogging. But [...]

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Blogging Alternatives: Vlogs, Podcasts & Images

Alternatives to a Written Blog How to Use Non-Writing Forms of Blogging Video Blogging, or Vlogging In our first class on blogging, Why Blog?, we focused on writing for blogs. Today, class, let’s look at three [...]

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The LinkedIn Curmudgeon on the Big Merger

LinkedIn Members Need to Meditate This morning, for the first time, employees of LinkedIn, SlideShare,, Skype, Xbox, Yammer, Nokia, Rapportive, and Microsoft (and over 400 million LinkedIn users) are all starting their meditation sessions, [...]

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Why Blog? – Blogging 101 Part 1

This post is the beginning of a new series, a newish topic, several new personas, and a new style of telling stories for me. Wish me a little bit of luck and I hope you [...]

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Protect Your LinkedIn Passwords – Q&A

Questions & Answers: The LinkedIn Security Debacle and You What’s all this about a LinkedIn hack? Wasn’t that years ago? For LinkedIn members, an old hack is coming back to bite us in the you-know-what. [...]

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My Fave Frugal Writing Tools

Every writer has a personal way of writing and a specific set of tools he or she feels more comfortable with. Since I often blog about writing and creativity, I probably experiment more than most, [...]

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April Holidays, 2016

Spring Blossoms in Dover, NJ - April, 2014 Our monthly holiday list is a new(ish) feature on Frugal Guidance 2. It can be used for: Writing prompts for writers and bloggers, Travellers, Meeting [...]

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Is it time to shoot the LIONs?

Why Open Networkers are Idealists, and Why They Need to Stop It Ever since LinkedIn went online there has been a fierce debate between those who feel you should only connect with people you know, [...]

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The Siren Song of OneNote Reaches Evernote Users’ Ears

  Can Evernote Still Compete with OneNote? The Seductive Myth The Sirens, as you may remember, were beautiful, feminine, mythological creatures who lived on a rocky island somewhere near Greece. They sang. They sang so [...]

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Build Your Own Online Job Search Hub

A Job Hunter’s Guide to Getting Noticed Online Set Up a Communications Hub on the Web for your Job Search Part 2 of The Modern (Older) Job Hunter If you have worked for a single [...]

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