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One of the main focuses of this blog is to help job hunters (in various ways). Here is a list of our job hunting articles. Note that many of the articles are about job hunting with LinkedIn, so there is some overlap with the LinkedIn on FG2 links page. 


810, 2014

Bigger, Badder & Better Blogging Tools

October 8th, 2014|Tags: , , , , , |

A Look at,, Typepad, Blogger and Hubpages In our last pair of articles, we spent time exploring eight new, easy-to-use blogging tools. Now, we're going to look at some of the older, venerable [...]

510, 2014

Easy Blogging Tools for Minimalist Bloggers – Part 1

October 5th, 2014|Tags: , , , , , |

Today: Looking at Svbtle, Medium, and Sett In our last two posts, we discussed Should a Job Hunter Start a Blog? and Thinking About Blogging? We Have Questions for You. Finally, it’s time to start talking about [...]

110, 2014

Should a Job Hunter Start a Blog?

October 1st, 2014|Tags: , , , , , , |

Can Blogging Get You Your Next Job? As a job hunter, you have a lot of skills to learn and maintain, including résumé writing, cover letter writing, learning LinkedIn and other social media, networking techniques, [...]

2209, 2014

Smart Phone Job Hunting – The Tools

September 22nd, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Getting Organized with Smart Phone Tools, Part 2 A smart phone normally comes with a library of organization tools that can be handy for pulling together your job search. For the moment, let's look at tools [...]

2908, 2014

Smart Phone Job Hunting – Part 1

August 29th, 2014|

Job Search the Portable Way Are you using a smart phone for your job hunt? To a younger job hunter, say, a recent grad, this question never comes up. The answer is, "Of course. Why [...]

2208, 2014

One more reason to be on LinkedIn for your job search

August 22nd, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Umass / Dartmouth Corporate Social Media Survey Confirms What We've Been Saying to Jobseekers Since 2008, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has studied social media adoption by Fortune 500 corporations. They [...]

3007, 2014

Job Hunting Patterns Focus of Indeed Research

July 30th, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Where are Job Seekers Looking for Work? I volunteer for a local job hunting group, the Professional Support Group of Morris County, in New Jersey, which helps professionals face the challenges of finding work today. A [...]

2507, 2014

Job Hunters: More Employers Are Checking You Online

July 25th, 2014|Tags: , , , |

CareerBuilder Survey Shows Polishing Up Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Enough For the job hunter, it’s no longer enough to look good on LinkedIn and at your interview anymore. You need to look your best all [...]

1006, 2014

The Great Frugal Guidance List of Job Aggregators

June 10th, 2014|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

The Most Popular and Useful Job Aggregator Web Sites for Job Hunters In our previous post, we discussed what a Job Aggregator is, the pros and cons of using these sites, and strategies. If you [...]

906, 2014

Job Hunting Basics: Finding Work with Job Aggregators

June 9th, 2014|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

How to Use Job Aggregator Websites for Your Job Search As part of a new series of articles for job hunters, Frugal Guidance 2 will present our frugal list of job aggregation sites for job [...]