LinkedIn Adds Skills Education to Its Core Mission Courses Available Free for Some LinkedIn Subscribers About a year and a half ago, LinkedIn bought the online training site, Until last week, the two remained separate entities, each offering a variety of paid and free options. Last [...]

Armor Plate Your Job Résumé

How to Toughen Your Résumé for a Specific Job Application You just found that perfect job opening in your target company. Hallelujah! Which of these do you do next? 1. Send in your résumé ASAP. 2. Start studying the job [...]

8 Reasons Why You Should Never Customize Your Résumé

A few days ago, while Googling résumé articles, I ran across a blog post by somebody who genuinely had no clue about why anybody would personalize a résumé for a job application. She was no raving lunatic. She wrote logically – [...]

More Stealthy Job Search Alternatives to LinkedIn

Pursuing Confidential Job Search Alternatives Off the Grid Fifth and Final Part of the Series, with Summary and Reading List If you are in a confidential job search, one way to keep your search a secret is to do some [...]

Job Seeker Basics: Getting Started Online

Finding Online Advice, Doing Research and Finding People Things Job Seekers Need to Find Online Whether you are entering the job market for the first time, you are an experienced executive, or you’re finishing a contract position, you need to [...]

LinkedIn Tagging Strategies for Job Hunters

LinkedIn Basics: Organizing Your LinkedIn Job Search Connections with Tags Part 2 of a series In our previous post, we discussed how to use LinkedIn tags and strategies for using tags for general networking. (If you need an introduction to [...]

Is LinkedIn Being Dishonest With Premium Job Seekers?

The LinkedIn Curmudgeon on Whether LinkedIn’s Premium Job Hunter Memberships are a Bunch of Bullpucky   Nick Corcodilos publishes the Ask the Headhunter blog. Recently (July 22, 2013) he published a post which, basically shows LinkedIn sells LinkedIn Job Hunter [...]

85 Quotes for Inspiration and Getting It Done

Here are 85 quotes for Inspiration, Life's Possibilities and just plain Getting It Done. Possibilities If Muhammad Ali and St. Francis of Assisi can agree on it, it must be possible: Impossible is just a big word thrown around by [...]