Writing Hacks for Beginners (and Others)

A collection of writing hacks and tips for beginning (and most other) writers.

This Ain’t My First Moleskine Rodeo

A Moleskine Cowboy's Tips and Hacks for Branding Your Notebook It's been a while since we've corralled a list of tips and hacks for notebook users (Moleskine and other brands). Here are both new and old ideas on using your [...]

Taming the Wild Moleskine, Part 3

A Moleskine Roundup of Ideas In the past three articles, we’ve shared ideas on how to buy and use your notebook to get organized and create. Just as cowboys show off and share techniques with others at a rodeo, Moleskine [...]

Taming the Wild Moleskine, Part 2

Homesteading in the Moleskine Territory Continuing our roundup of how to break in Moleskines (and other notebooks) raised in the wild, today we discuss the basic types of Moleskine users and their styles. We’ll also see a full range of [...]

Taming the Wild Moleskine, Part 1

Breaking the Bronco Notebook Just as cowboys become experts in breaking in wild horses, Moleskine users must eventually learn to master the art of roping and corralling their notebook, then breaking it in. Here are some techniques from veteran notebook [...]