Job Hunters & the New LinkedIn Interface

Which LinkedIn Membership Works for Your Job Hunt? For two months, LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out its new interface for those who use LinkedIn from their desktop (or laptop) computers via a browser. This can have a big effect [...]

Profiling LinkedIn’s New Profile Features

What You Need to Know about LinkedIn's New Profile Tools Part 3 of a series on LinkedIn Changes. LinkedIn has been busy changing profile features this year. Some of these changes are still being rolled out and LinkedIn's own help [...]

Two Small Good Changes on LinkedIn

Sometime in the past week, there were two changes on LinkedIn. As per LinkedIn’s normal operating procedure, there was no announcement, no fanfare, and not even an acknowledgement that anything was different. Sorting Contacts First, in your Contacts list, you [...]

Trying the New Apache OpenOffice 4.0

The Frugal Parson Looks at Apache OpenOffice and Kvetches a Bit, Too The Apache Foundation has finally released Apache OpenOffice 4.0 for Windows, Linux and Macintosh, and it's worth the wait. In brief, there is a new sidebar tool interface [...]

How to Customize the New LibreOffice 4.0

NOTE: This article was written for LibreOffice 4.0 in Feb. 2013. Most of these instructions will work in LibreOffice 4.4 or 5.0, but NOT the instructions for using Firefox themes. For info on the great features of using LO 5.0 (and [...]

LinkedIn Interface Interactions

or Shooting Yourself the Foot Again There are days when I thank LinkedIn and other social media for enriching my life by making it possible to connect with so many wonderful, intelligent, witty, creative people. Then there are days when thinking [...]