The Future of LinkedIn Job Hunting

LinkedIn Previews New Tools for Hiring in 2016 In the past few months, Frugal Guidance 2 has published several articles on using LinkedIn, most recently The Job Hunter’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn for the Holidays, Have Yourself a [...]

How to Find a Job Search Group

Jump Start Your Job Search by Searching for a Job Search Group (say that 3 times quickly) J ob hunting can be a pretty lonely activity at times. It can also feel overwhelming, especially if you are starting from scratch. [...]

Job Hunting Patterns Focus of Indeed Research

Where are Job Seekers Looking for Work? I volunteer for a local job hunting group, the Professional Support Group of Morris County, in New Jersey, which helps professionals face the challenges of finding work today. A couple of common questions here [...]

The Great Frugal Guidance List of Job Aggregators

The Most Popular and Useful Job Aggregator Web Sites for Job Hunters In our previous post, we discussed what a Job Aggregator is, the pros and cons of using these sites, and strategies. If you haven't read it, you can [...]

Job Hunting Basics: Finding Work with Job Aggregators

How to Use Job Aggregator Websites for Your Job Search As part of a new series of articles for job hunters, Frugal Guidance 2 will present our frugal list of job aggregation sites for job hunters. First, however, we will [...]

Your Confidential Job Search on LinkedIn

All Quiet on the LinkedIn Front Part 3 of a series on quiet job searches If you are in a stealth job search, LinkedIn’s normal settings might hurt LinkedIn is, of course, a public site. It is also the premier [...]

Job Hunter’s Guide to SWOT Charts & Analysis

Using a Common Business Analysis Tool to Help Your Job Search First, what in the world is a SWOT Chart? A SWOT chart is a flexible decision and analysis tool to compare: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats SWOT analysis is especially [...]

LinkedIn Connections: What’s Your Style? Part 2

Finding your LinkedIn Style of Networking In our last post, we engaged in the Quality vs. Quantity debate between connecting with LinkedIn members you already know and trust (Quality) and the advantages of having a large, diverse, new network (Quantity). [...]