Job Hunters & the New LinkedIn Interface

Which LinkedIn Membership Works for Your Job Hunt? For two months, LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out its new interface for those who use LinkedIn from their desktop (or laptop) computers via a browser. This can have a big effect [...]

Red Beans, Rice and Your Job Hunt

Why Job Hunting and Cooking Red Beans and Rice are Alike Although I grew up in New Jersey and trained in the midwest, I lived and worked in Louisiana for 25 years. It took a while, but I finally realized [...]

The Future of LinkedIn Job Hunting

LinkedIn Previews New Tools for Hiring in 2016 In the past few months, Frugal Guidance 2 has published several articles on using LinkedIn, most recently The Job Hunter’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn for the Holidays, Have Yourself a [...]

The Job Hunter’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter

What a Web We Weave – LinkedIn Recruiters and Job Hunters For job hunters, one of the great mysteries of LinkedIn is how to be found by corporate recruiters. You may have heard about LinkedIn Recruiter upgrades and the mysterious [...]

How to Find a Job Search Group

Jump Start Your Job Search by Searching for a Job Search Group (say that 3 times quickly) J ob hunting can be a pretty lonely activity at times. It can also feel overwhelming, especially if you are starting from scratch. [...]

Digital.NYC: A New Hub for Tech Info

For Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Technologists and Funders, there's a New Digital Hub in the Big Apple For people searching for tech jobs in the New York City area (which could include job hunters in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, [...]

Job Hunting Patterns Focus of Indeed Research

Where are Job Seekers Looking for Work? I volunteer for a local job hunting group, the Professional Support Group of Morris County, in New Jersey, which helps professionals face the challenges of finding work today. A couple of common questions here [...]

Job Hunter’s Guide to SWOT Charts & Analysis

Using a Common Business Analysis Tool to Help Your Job Search First, what in the world is a SWOT Chart? A SWOT chart is a flexible decision and analysis tool to compare: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats SWOT analysis is especially [...]

LinkedIn Connections: What’s Your Style? Part 2

Finding your LinkedIn Style of Networking In our last post, we engaged in the Quality vs. Quantity debate between connecting with LinkedIn members you already know and trust (Quality) and the advantages of having a large, diverse, new network (Quantity). [...]

LinkedIn Basics: The Essential LinkedIn Broadcast ON / OFF Switch

This Basic LinkedIn Setting Might Save Your Career If you use only one LinkedIn setting, this is the one to learn. Turn ON and OFF your announcements to maximize your job search and to minimize automatic LinkedIn Activity Broadcast spam. [...]

The Job Hunter’s Guide to Entering the HR Pipeline

Knowing About Pipelining Might Help Get You a Job Pipelining is a hot topic in Human Resource circles these days, for good reason. It emphasizes building relationships with potential hires for critical positions in a company BEFORE there is an [...]