Build Your Own Online Job Search Hub

A Job Hunter’s Guide to Getting Noticed Online Set Up a Communications Hub on the Web for your Job Search Part 2 of The Modern (Older) Job Hunter If you have worked for a single employer over a period of [...]

LinkedIn for the Holidays

Have Yourself a Merry Little LinkedIn November and December are great times to celebrate the holidays, and you can do it on LinkedIn (and other social media), too. Use the season to reconnect with older LinkedIn acquaintances and develop new [...]

Big Data is Wrecking Your Silent Job Search

The Social Media Job Search Snitch Your Boss May Know about Your Job Search Before You Finish Updating Your Résumé. You may be working and looking for a new job. Lots of people do it. On Frugal Guidance 2, we dedicated [...]

The Job Search Puzzle: 9 Pieces

The Frugal Job Hunter’s Guide to Fitting the Pieces Together Anybody who has a history of job hunting before and in this millennium has discovered that a job search is different today than it was in the past. In the [...]

Many Unemployed by Sandy Eligible for Certain Benefits

If you are a New Jersey resident and have lost your job due to Megastorm Sandy, you may be eligible for special unemployment benefits. The U.S. Dept. of Labor approved Gov. Christie's request for federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance. To qualify, [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Your Photo

Let's have some frank discussion about your LinkedIn photo. Yes, you! No, don't click on that button, we need to talk! The changes to LinkedIn's profile design mean that we all need to make changes to our profiles, whether we [...]

Job Hunting Resources: Alex Freund and

I first met Alex Freund at a meeting I was hosting for the Professional Support Group in Dover, NJ, where he gave the first of several presentations of his that I have had the pleasure of attending. Since then, he [...]

Welcome to our Grand Opening

Welcome to the Grand Opening and virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Frugal Guidance 2 blog by Andrew Brandt (a.k.a. andybrandt531). FG2 is dedicated to writing about the intersection of tech, social media, job hunting and frugality, with a few [...]

11 Job Hunting Tips, Gangnam Style

I never expected to ever listen to Korean Rap but, just in case you haven't heard, the most viewed video on YouTube today is a South Korean, rap video by Korean performer, Psy, entitled "Gangnam Style." Psy and his fellow [...]