Is it time to shoot the LIONs?

Why Open Networkers are Idealists, and Why They Need to Stop It Ever since LinkedIn went online there has been a fierce debate between those who feel you should only connect with people you know, and those who say you [...]

LinkedIn Connections – What’s Your Style?

Part 1 - Into the Fray - Quantity vs. Quality LinkedIn is a bit odd in its connections policy, especially compared to other social media. On Twitter, Facebook and Google+, there’s nobody instructing you to be careful in your following [...]

The LinkedIn Wheel of Fortune or The 12 Steps of LinkedIn Enlightenment

Carmina Burana for the 21st Century - A Metaphor Mashup Prelude: Except for your Facebook friends and reading a few tweets, you’re not a big fan of social media. Then… One. You read a blog post about how to sign [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Who NOT to Connect With on LinkedIn

Choosing Connections on LinkedIn – a Q&A This article, originally published on February 2013, has been largely rewritten and republished on March 16, 2017 with a new look. I hope you enjoy it. — Andy Why should I be fussy [...]

LinkedIn Basics: Growing Your Network

Finding New Connections on LinkedIn Why does growing a network on LinkedIn feel more complicated than on other social media? Although all social media sites allow you to connect with others on their sites, LinkedIn is the only one which [...]