The LinkedIn Curmudgeon on the Big Merger

LinkedIn Members Need to Meditate This morning, for the first time, employees of LinkedIn, SlideShare,, Skype, Xbox, Yammer, Nokia, Rapportive, and Microsoft (and over 400 million LinkedIn users) are all starting their meditation sessions, in the lotus position, contemplating [...]

News on Office Software from LibreOffice, Microsoft, Softmaker, & more…

Good News for Android, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux Users Whether you are job hunting, running a home business, freelancing, or starting a small business, there's news from a variety of office software projects that will help you get your work [...]

What LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice Have Taught Me

Wrapping Up the 1-Month Great, Frugal Summer-Doldrums Software Experiment Comparisons, Features, and Wish Lists for Open Source Office Software The steamy dog-days of summer are over; the leaves are beginning to change colors; Labor Day is past and students are [...]

Creating Your Own Business Cards in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice

Part 3 of The Great, Frugal Summer-Doldrums Software Adventure Your Assignment, If You Choose to Accept it: Design Your Own Printable Business Cards For many people, trying to create even a relatively simple design project, like your own printable business [...]

Installing LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice on Windows 8

The Great, Frugal Summer-Doldrums Software Experiment, Part 2 As previously posted in Part 1, I’m experimenting with replacing Microsoft Office with other free and cheap alternatives. My first challenge was installing LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. Normally this is an easy [...]

The Great, Frugal Summer-Doldrums Software Experiment, Part 1

Testing Free Office Software in the Real World Control Center of the Frugal Guidance 2 Software Testing Lab In the past couple of weeks I have started an experiment to see if I can completely avoid using Microsoft [...]

The Frugal Parson’’s Guide to SoftMaker Office 2012, Part 1

The German Alternative to Microsoft with World-Wide Language Support Nurenberg-based SoftMaker Software, GmbH has a great little suite of Office applications at a fairly reasonable price and just released its 2012 version recently for both Windows and Linux. The basic [...]

The Frugal Parson’’s Guide to SoftMaker Office 2012, Part 2

Looking Further at SoftMaker Office 2012 with our Crack Team of Advisors If you want more info about our group of software testers, see our original post. In Part 1, we looked at SoftMaker Office 2012 from the perspective of [...]

The Frugal Parson’s Guide to LibreOffice & OpenOffice, Part II

Using LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice Today, The Frugal Parson returns to our comparisons of the Document Foundation's LibreOffice (LO) and the Apache Software Foundation's OpenOffice (OO), to see how they compete with Microsoft Office (MO). See here, for the first [...]

Introducing the Frugal Parson Software Guides

For Some People, Frugal Software is almost a Religion In preparation for a new series of articles about software, including alternatives to Microsoft Office, Frugal Guidance is introducing our new spiritual and software advisor, The Frugal Parson. The Frugal Parson [...]