Build Your Own Online Job Search Hub

A Job Hunter’s Guide to Getting Noticed Online Set Up a Communications Hub on the Web for your Job Search Part 2 of The Modern (Older) Job Hunter If you have worked for a single employer over a period of [...]

Using Image Search With LinkedIn

  Using Google, Bing & TinEye photo search for safer networking on LinkedIn LinkedIn is sometimes tightfisted about sharing information for people you are not connected to, especially if you’re using a free account. Are you trying to find out somebody’s [...]

Third Level Viewing is Back on LinkedIn Free Accounts

Woohoo! Everybody Can View 3rd Level Profiles (Again) Good news for LinkedIn users, especially those using the basic free account: LinkedIn has returned the ability for all users to see the full names and full profiles of 3rd level connections, [...]

The Mystery of the Purloined LinkedIn Search Engine

< From The 21st Century Casebook of Sherlock Holmes We look at changes to LinkedIn search as the final installment of our series of LinkedIn changes, as seen through the eyes of John H. Watson, M.D, late of the 5th [...]

The Great Frugal Guidance List of Job Aggregators

The Most Popular and Useful Job Aggregator Web Sites for Job Hunters In our previous post, we discussed what a Job Aggregator is, the pros and cons of using these sites, and strategies. If you haven't read it, you can [...]

More Stealthy Job Search Alternatives to LinkedIn

Pursuing Confidential Job Search Alternatives Off the Grid Fifth and Final Part of the Series, with Summary and Reading List If you are in a confidential job search, one way to keep your search a secret is to do some [...]

Job Seeker Basics: Getting Started Online

Finding Online Advice, Doing Research and Finding People Things Job Seekers Need to Find Online Whether you are entering the job market for the first time, you are an experienced executive, or you’re finishing a contract position, you need to [...]

My Christmas Wish List for LinkedIn Santa Claus

Some Gift Ideas for LinkedIn to Make Their Customers Merry! Like a child getting ready for Christmas, I find myself wishing for new presents from, of all places, LinkedIn. And why not? Here is my Wish List for Santa LinkedIn [...]

LinkedIn Tagging Strategies for Job Hunters

LinkedIn Basics: Organizing Your LinkedIn Job Search Connections with Tags Part 2 of a series In our previous post, we discussed how to use LinkedIn tags and strategies for using tags for general networking. (If you need an introduction to [...]

Jobvite Recruiting Survey Helps Job Hunters, Too

Jobvite’s Annual Social Media Recruiting Report Highlights Trends Jobvite, which offers tools for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, comes out with a survey of recruiters every summer. Generally, it studies the use of social media by recruiters (who may be [...]

Is LinkedIn Being Dishonest With Premium Job Seekers?

The LinkedIn Curmudgeon on Whether LinkedIn’s Premium Job Hunter Memberships are a Bunch of Bullpucky   Nick Corcodilos publishes the Ask the Headhunter blog. Recently (July 22, 2013) he published a post which, basically shows LinkedIn sells LinkedIn Job Hunter [...]

A Year of LinkedIn Changes

Catching Up With LinkedIn — A Roundup of New LinkedIn Features for the Past Year Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or a relatively new member, you’ve probably figured out that the rate of change on LinkedIn has been rapid, unannounced, and [...]