Protect Your LinkedIn Passwords – Q&A

Questions & Answers: The LinkedIn Security Debacle and You What’s all this about a LinkedIn hack? Wasn’t that years ago? For LinkedIn members, an old hack is coming back to bite us in the you-know-what. Back in 2012, hackers stole [...]

Is it time to shoot the LIONs?

Why Open Networkers are Idealists, and Why They Need to Stop It Ever since LinkedIn went online there has been a fierce debate between those who feel you should only connect with people you know, and those who say you [...]

Using Evernote for Travel

Ideas and Tips on Using Evernote to Organize Your Next Trip Travel Planning Much of the preparation for any trip, whether for pleasure or business, involves collecting and sharing info. By using Evernote, you can keep all your info in [...]

A Year of LinkedIn Changes

Catching Up With LinkedIn — A Roundup of New LinkedIn Features for the Past Year Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or a relatively new member, you’ve probably figured out that the rate of change on LinkedIn has been rapid, unannounced, and [...]

Your Job Hunt Mission: Destroy Your Digital Dirt

Carol Burnett and Rita Hayworth as Cleaning Ladies on The Carol Burnett Show. Shedding Your Social Media Schmutz A few years ago, I wrote about how to find and respond to digital dirt: what it is, how it [...]