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Why Frugal Guidance?

This blog is about technology, social media, job hunting, and frugality, which may seen like an odd combination at first. It is based on the idea that technology should be designed to make life better, connections easier, and save a little money, too! If you don’t think that’s what technology should do, maybe you should move on.

In other words, this blog is for Frugal People, Frugalistas, Fru-gals and Fru-guys, Fru-geeks, German Frugallmenschen, French L’Hommes frugalieux, Latin gauchos frugallos, Yiddish Frugallschlemiels, and anybody else looking for genuine Frugal Goodness. It is definitely NOT for the 1%.

Frugal Jobhunter

The Original Frugal Job Hunter

The Frugal Guidance Blog is by Andrew Brandt. Some material presented is based on earlier writings about LinkedIn, social media, and a series of articles for job hunters known as The Frugal Job Hunter Guides.

In this blog we’ll be specializing on frugal ways to help people find a job, use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, help nonprofits, with additional musings on Moleskine notebooks, Evernote, journaling, creativity, getting organized, classical music, tea, and maybe a few other things, too.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

 Liberté, égalité, frugalité

The way to wealth depends on just two words: industry and frugality — Benjamin Franklin